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Resume of Holly Willgress

Holly Willgress, Technician
WCB Occupational SCUBA Diver

Highlights & Qualifications


General Arts and Science Studies: Langara College, 1991-1992

Courses in: Biology, Languages

Fisheries Technician Certificate: Capilano College, 1997

Courses in: Fisheries Ecology, Fish Habitat Assessment & Watershed Restoration, Riparian Function

Pursuing B.Sc. (biology): Open University, 2001-present

Part-time studies and professional development courses to obtain undergraduate degree.

Professional Experience

Through academic and work experience and volunteer activities, I have developed a diverse skill set and strengths applicable to a variety of projects. In addition, I have proven to be organized, thorough and resourceful in a variety of settings ranging from remote and isolated field projects to post-field data interpretation and reporting. I work well under adverse field conditions and carry that focus throughout any given project.

I have developed excellent leadership and supervisory skills through self-employment as a fisheries technician and commercial diver, where I have often supervised several other crew members, search and rescue training with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and as a PADI SCUBA instructor.

In addition to being a solid and effective field technician, my office and reporting skills include pre- and post-field logistics and organization, air photo and map interpretation, internet and library research and computer applications (Windows 95 though XP, MS Access database, ArcView GIS, Corel, MS Excel & Word etc.). These skills have been used in data compilation and assessment, creation of maps and figures, quality assurance procedures and report writing for a variety of projects.

Training & Certification

          WCB Unrestricted Occupational SCUBA (Canadian Occupational Divers Agency, 1998)

          WCB Occupational First Aid and Transportation Endorsement certification (current)

          Medic First Aid and O2 Administration Instructor (Emergency Medical Planning Canada, 1999)

          Dive Accident Management and trauma response training

          Transportation of Dangerous Goods certificate

          Rigid Hull Inflatable Operator Training (RHIOT): certified in twin engine Hurricane Mark 5, 6 and 733 Inflatables (Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue School, Bamfield, 1998)

          Small Vessel Operator Competency Training and Certification (OCTC, 1999)

          SCUBA Instructor (Professional Association of Diving Instructors, 1996)

          Electrofishing certification, crew leader (Capilano College, 1997)

          Resource Inventory Committee (RIC) GPS training module for SHIM mapping (1998)

          Fire Arms Certificate (2000)

          DFO coordinated River Safety instruction

          WHMIS training

          ArcView 8.1 GIS training (BCIT, 2002)

Recent Work Experience

Project Experience
(2004 to present, Kynoch Resources)

Position: Partner, Senior Technician.

         Fisheries habitat technician and SCUBA diver during survey of proposed Log Dump and           Heli-drop sites and facilities in Merewrth Sound (Tiny Lake Area). Assessment required identifying sensitive marine and intertidal (lotic) fish habitat and developing mitigative strategies for foreshore development. Completed for Monarch Resource Consultants Ltd. (Bella Coola). 2004.

         Technician assisting University of Arizona Geologists with spatial placement (logistics) for seismic assessment of coastal and interior regions of Coast/Chilcotin region as part of an ongoing UA/Government of Canada batholiths formation and geochronology assessment. Completed with U of A staff.

         Senior fisheries technician and SCUBA diver responsible for collection of Intra-Gravel Dissolved Oxygen (IGDO) and temperature measurements of littoral sockeye salmon spawning habitat within Sakinaw Lake as part of ongoing (3rd year) assessment of spawning habitat and restoration opportunities within Sakinaw Lake. Project involved use of proprietary (Kynoch Resources owned) underwater instruments to measure interstitial DO and temperature to identify and map groundwater upwelling areas. 

Environmental Technician, G3 Consulting Ltd., Burnaby, BC. (2000 to 2004)

Environmental and research technician and dive supervisor responsible for all aspects of field logistics, organization, scientific data and sample collection and first aid/safety coordination. Assisted with project design, client liaison, QA/QC, data review, interpretation and reporting. Numerous projects involved SCUBA assessments, inventory and monitoring of industrial development including proposed log handling sites, gravel extraction and aquaculture facilities, as well as habitat compensation reefs and spawning habitat. Projects included

Dive Supervisor, DFO Contracts, North & South Coast. (1999 to 2002)

Various contracts with DFO, responsible for scientific and technical project aspects as well as WCB compliance.

             Scientific dive supervisor for herring roe surveys, responsible for data collection and reporting in Prince Rupert (1999 to 2001) and the Straight of Georgia (2001, 2002). Project completed for DFO Herring Dynamics Program. Involved in pre-field aspects of project planning, training of new divers, dive safety and office related aspects of data quality control and database entry for all of the above projects.

             Dive supervisor and fisheries technician during dive surveys of sockeye spawning habitat within Sakinaw Lake. Responsible for project planning, data collection and assessment and report preparation (1999 to 2000). Completed for DFO Community Advisor (Sunshine Coast).

Fisheries Technician (Various Clients, 1995 to 2000)

Completed numerous contracts for regional and provincial governments, industry and consulting firms, various project locations.

             Lower Homathko River Fish Habitat Assessment. Completed for MELP, WRP, Surrey (1998).

             Restoration of fish habitat within Chapman, Oullette, Langdale, Anderson and Katherine Creeks on the Sunshine Coast and various Gambier Island sites, completed in conjunction with DFO (1997-2000).

             Salmonid population estimates in off-channel habitats on Chapman Creek, Sechelt, BC. Completed for MELP, WRP, Surrey (1999).

             Inventory technician responsible for Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping (SHIM), use of DGPS technology in mapping sensitive fish habitat (including stream and riparian areas) throughout the Sunshine Coast for the creation of base maps of sensitive habitat for urban planning. Completed for Community Fisheries Development Centre, Sechelt (1998-1999).

             Hatchery broodstock collection and adult and juvenile salmonid enumeration including mark and recapture methods, total exclusion 3-pass electrofishing, stream walks, snorkel surveys, downstream trapping, and associated fish sampling. Completed for DFO (Squamish, 1996); DFO and CFDC (Sunshine Coast, 1998-1999).

             Dive technician for sub-tidal biophysical SCUBA survey of Porteau Cove Provincial Park for Nelson Environmental Services on behalf of Ministry of Transportation and Highways (1995 & 1998).


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